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“Sugars Feed Cancer” - SCAM

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

How is that possible if glucose and fructose are both simple sugars? When you hear that fruit feeds cancer it’s also saying vegetables too.

Hearing it from everywhere some individuals get confused and picking a wrong alternative can lead to getting hurt. The system is happy to earn money off our innocence and unawareness. I recall going to the doctors’ office (gynecologist) in my 20s’ and heard - I have a cancer in my #pelvis - I was shocked, couldn’t believe it, asked what should I do? She said “we need to remove your pelvis area, eat your protein Magdalena, more #meat, your mom said you love #fruit - but better don’t eat them, they make your cancer grow (…)

Aloha Beautiful Spirits! Eat your Fruits!

but here is the thing - I didn’t have any #CANCER! (btw. I went to a different gynecologist on the same day as an emergency visit and he was shocked who told me that crap about “my cancer” if everything looks great in me and there is NO cancer!” - Ladies - If you decide to follow the medical path, please go to many doctors not one…Plus - think twice before you make a decision, cause it can harm you for the rest of your life. But anyway - If I would follow my first gynecologist advice and started eating more meat (where I’ve never been a fan) I would cause acidosis in my body and then I would create cancer she wanted me to have. Why? Because #Acids are corrosive. When the system can no longer filter them through one’s kidneys, acids easily damage the cell. Acids create inflammation and the parasite response. Besides eating my meat, eating refined #fats or too many supplement fatty acids cause cancers as well. The truth is that starvation, #acidosis and ketosis damage #cells. “A damaged cell is on it’s walk down the road to A - typical and becoming a cancer cell” - Dr. Morse N.D. The human body is simple. Less is more. Even the American Cancer Society recommends a high fruit and vegetable diet! Like our amazing teacher Robert Morse says -“The whole concept of diseases is a fabrication of the AMA. Chemistry and physics rule - there is a simply cause and effect, no labels”.

Never Fear of Fruits my Dear Cocos n’ Nuts!! Fructose is the most beautiful thing we could get from Mother Nature and the Universe. Fruits are a simple sugar. They contain the most electromagnetic energy making them superior brain and nerve foods. This is why we feel more energized on fruits - because they move ones lymph like nothing else! Besides Fructose doesn’t require insulin or extensive digestive enzymes. Even some TV commercials says for example pomegranate fruit has antioxidants. But think here for a minute. Why would they only say about pomegranate but other fruits as well? What makes that pomegranate so special and they don’t mention others which are way more powerful? No offense to anyone, but because the system is trying to hypnotize us, so people don’t understand the word #antioxidant - if they would, they all would know the answer of the true and natural way of detoxifying the body which helps us to heal it by itself. When I typed into my software: the most beneficial antioxidant fruits - its shows me the top 10 of antioxidant food first - not fruits. It says broccoli etc..But when I scroll down I see fruits as well. Dear Ones, We still have access to the sources of truth. Open your eyes and try to pick wisely. In my opinion fruit is the new Gold and it will be very valuable in the near future. If we don’t make any changes in this Babylon world the fruit in the future will become the most expensive of other food and hard to achieve. Only reach people will be able to get it, like it was with “The ancient Greeks, before the time of Lycurgus, are nothing but fruit, and each generation reached the age of 200 years.” - Onomacritus of Athens. - they ate full plates of fruits, where poor people had access to the cook and dead tissues - meat only. I’m so grateful for who I’m.

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t stand the tradition of killing animals. My brain was open enough to be able to understand and notice the pain of those innocent creatures. But it made me feel different from others and I didn’t understand why I feel and see different. Now I know ;) I’m here because my intuition leads me to share with you my experiences and my mind, body and spirit screams at me when I don’t. So I’m so grateful my awareness and consciousness didn’t shut down in this beautiful & crazy & scary world. Follow the truth and trust the nature - written by @RawCoconutGirl aka Magdalena.

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