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Magdalena White AKA Raw Coconut Girl. International Healer 🇵🇱🇺🇸lymphatic Iridologist, Certified Detoxification & Regeneration Specialist, Regenerative Detoxification Counselor - Fasting & Cellular Detox studied and graduated and was certified with the world-class health specialist, Robert Morse, N.D.,D.Sc.,M.H. She Cooperates and continues to grow based on knowledge of Masters on this path - Dr. Morse and Dr. Marcie Gunderman  - Troyer.

Some words from me:

I trust and believe in nature. Fruit       and botanicals      are the greatest and most powerful things we could ever get from Mother Nature and the Universe. Fruit power composed with herbs      can bring       miracles      your way! 

I’m based in    HAWAII 🇺🇸 My origins are from Poland 🇵🇱 I’m also and artist and compose this beautiful Fruit lifestyle with my art! 


I've been practicing a healthy lifestyle for over a decade now. Being Vegan, Raw Vegan in the past. It's been over 5 years since I’m on my Fruitarian journey. I have been working with energy since I was a little. Only Spirits who are close to me will learn that about me on their journey.  Raw vegan, vegan and vegetarian before. 15 years of completely meat-free including fish. Followed my spirit since a young age, only wanting to eat fruit, but pushed by family/society to consume milk and dairy products for year and a half when I was 18.

I’m a proof of human who thrive because of Raw Living Food - Fruits and herbs! My body, mind, and soul got better and in great shape very fast after 4 serious surgeries on my knee... Long story short. In January 2017 I had a tragic, life changing ski accident in Salt Lake City - Utah. Doctors didn't give me any chance to walk again (you can watch the whole story on my youtube channel @rawcoconutgirl) I was exposed for lots of radiation, toxins, strong meds and stress. Having 4 surgeries on my knee, 3 of them weren't done correctly over the course of 8 months, and doctors didn't give me any chance to walk on both legs again. 4 times was under anesthesia and much more...After all that experience I started transitioning into Fruits only with botanicals discovering that they are helping my body to regenerate and stand on both legs again! 

I also suffered from some "diseases" & injuries - that I healed being on this beautiful, natural, fruity lifestyle: 

🥥1. January 2017 - tragic ski accident. Tibial plateau fracture and torn meniscus. 4 surgeries, 3 of which weren't done correctly.

🥥2. Torn tendon in my foot after a cortisol shot after a ski accident - tendon regenerated on fruits & herbs

🥥3. Fibrocystic breast since the age of 15 - healed✅
🥥4. Serious Pancreatic Issue - Healed ✅ after 4 times under Anastasia during a short period of time - 10 months.
🥥5. No more gastrointestinal digestive issues after eating.
🥥6. Hair & skin glowing, radiant and strong.
🥥7. H. Pyroli, Candida and Ulcers in my stomach - healed ✅
🥥8. Iris changing colors from black to true light brown.
🥥9. Stomach inflammation and bleeding from ulcers - healed✅
🥥10. Vision improvement

🥥11. Moles disappearing
🥥12. Malabsorption issues - Healed✅
🥥13. Suffered from low energy and low blood pressure - Healed✅
🥥14. Lots of Chronic congestion in the body - Healed✅
🥥15. Post 4 surgeries scars & swollen knee inflammation - Healed✅.
🥥16. Ovarian cysts - Healed✅
🥥17. Irregular or not Menstruation at all -  Healed✅
🥥18. No more yellow nails but beautiful pink - Healed ✅
🥥19. Scoliosis is gone 🌈

(Still working on my body to fix other chronic issues. But very close to finishing.
You can contact RawCoconutGirl for a professional consultation, herbal protocols, iris analysis, mental support, mucusless diet, bodybuilding, and many more at rawcoconutgirl@gmail.com)


I'm feeling amazing now and I'm an advocate of natural way of healing. I would love to spread that fantastic message around the world! I'm honored to be a part of Dr. Morse team and to be able to inspire and help others and Souls like You to get to the WellVille


This is a lifetime journey, not a quick fix. I’m still recovering, detoxifying and regenerating from my body, mind and spirit weaknesses. Soon they will become my strength. Join me if you want to achieve the same goals, and live your life full of joy and love life🦋


As a Healer I’ll be teaching you and supporting you by giving encouragement in every level of your journey.

(Press here to set up a consultation to work on your health with me          )

*     I’m working and specialize in Herbal formulas designed to aid the structure and function of the cells of the human body, as well as positively effecting the two fluids of the body: blood and lymph.


*Dr. Morse is the most inspirational and amazing Spirit I know! He is a pioneer in the field of Natural Health, sharing with you over 45 years of knowledge and experience.

I graduated and was certified with the world-class health specialist, Robert Morse, N.D.,D.Sc.,M.H.


Follow the truth 🦋 and trust the nature     - yours RawCoconutGirl 🥥Regenerative Detoxification Specialist ISOD 



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